Dear IDBF Members, 

Dear Paddlers worldwide, 

I have been elected on 14th August 2023 as IDBF President at the IDBF Ordinary Congress, held in Pattaya, Philand and I’m in charge since 1st January 2024.

To remain loyal to the traditions, values and founding principles of the IDBF and maintain the Aims and Objectives of the Federation contained in the IDBF Statutes.

Much has been accomplished during the last years but today we are facing new chal enges and the choices we now make wil determine the future of our Federation and our Sport. So, it is crucial that working together openly and in a col ective spirit of good faith we can succeed.

I will work diligently in your service to make the IDBF relevant to al its stakeholders. based on fundamental values such as transparency, fairness, diligent
procedures and loyalty to our Federation and I wil lead it to become an engaging and active sport organisation worldwide.

Open dialogue and clear communication among our Members and with key stakeholders, including IF’s and International Sport Organizations would be at the heart of my programme.

I am at your disposal to speak with you further in-depth about my vision of the future of the IDBF.



1. A Federation Representative of its Members The IDBF needs to be the link between al its Members, supporting their col ective development
through a democratical y inspired decision-making process.

The IDBF was founded to serve, represent, promote and protect the common interests of its Members with integrity and transparency.

An IDBF aim is to be a proud and proactive member of the Olympic movement. Our athletes are the main representatives of our ideals. Athletes make our values and messages tangible for thousands of people worldwide not just in Dragon Boat Sport but also to the wider sports community.

Therefore, my aim wil be to focus the IDBF on its fundamental democratic values and principles and to create a highly credible organisation devoted to serving its Members and interacting with stakeholders.

Lines of Action:
Create a consensus-driven, decision-making process, which takes into account the views and concerns of al Members.

Undertake a revision of the statutes and by-laws to ensure powers and procedures reflect the democratic rights of the Members in the organisation and management of the Federation.

Update the IDBF Code of Ethics in order to safeguard the integrity and reputation of IDBF worldwide.

Prevent conflicts of interest at the highest level within the IDBF.

2. A Services-Focused Organisation
Currently, several stakeholders have indicated that they would like to receive more specific services from the IDBF. My aim wil be to strengthen the role of IDBF as a services-based organisation, 

Lines of Action:
Build-up a highly motivated and focused IDBF team.

Keep ensuring that the IDBF team act independently of political issues.

Define and agree a programme of activities and regularly measure their results.

Identify and deliver a comprehensive services portfolio to be provided to the IDBF

Ensure consistent protection and development of athletes.

Streamline and focus the services and work of Council Members and Committees and give them the responsibility to make and implement their decisions.

3. IDBF as a Recognised and Influential World Governing Body in Sport
Despite great progress made in recent years, there are stil opportunities to make stakeholders more aware of the IDBF’s role and the value of its Members.

My aim wil be to raise the IDSBF profile as a sports governing body in international bodies, such as the IOC, SPORTACCORD, ARISF and AIMS. I pledge to promote our prestigious organisation and its Members to ensure our position among these respective multi sports organisations.

Lines of Action:
·Implement a focused marketing and brand strategy for IDBF.

·Ensure high ethical standards within IDBF management.

·Strengthen cooperation with the relevant industries, partners, sponsors and other sports institutions to enhance joint achievements and bring success to Dragon Boat Sport.

4. The Future: Sustainability and Growth
Youth development programmes and social responsibility initiatives are a cornerstone of our future and sport provides education opportunities to them and has the power to unite in diversity, regardless of faith, race, culture, beliefs, gender and ability.

Through the universal language of sport we can achieve respect for al diversities, and understanding of each other’s traditions and values in an increasingly integrated community.

At the same time, it is critical that our Members prioritise their environmental efforts to ensure a more sustainable future.

IDBF should lead the way into the future, based on increased stability, sustainability and growth through a constant focus on people and the environment.

Lines of Action:
Support youth schemes, thus broadening the participation base to develop young talents.

Further develop Dragonboat Master Games projects

Provide increased support for successful programmes such as the IBCPC for breast cancer paddlers, I DBF for Ice Dragonboaters.

Promote environmental awareness and environmental y friendly technologies.

Create a platform for our Members to showcase their activities.

Support our Members to improve rules and regulations (technical, sport, administration, anti-doping, etc.).

Keep the financial situation wel balanced by increasing revenues and cost-effectiveness.

Strengthen further Member gatherings and conventions.

Keep the financial situation wel balanced by increased revenues and cost effectiveness.

Brand alignment and image.

Marketing programmes to promote DragonBoat as a “sport for al “.

Thank you for your support.
Claudio Schermi – IDBF President