How to practically increase the appeal of Dragonboating in a rapidly changing world

Reinforce the chinese traditions embracing change for a better future

  • Support the IOC recignition process
  • Support the new IDBF/ICF Joint agreement
  • European Dragon Boat calendar reform
  • Education, safety and youth development

Improve decentralisation and empowerment for​

  • National Federations
  • Executive committee
  • Council
  • EDBF Commissions

Better integrity
and trust

  • Ethical responsibility
  • Business integrity
  • Officials and race officials education

and responsible

  • Be social responsible
  • Testimonial to reduce enviromental impact
  • Financially transparent


  • A solid broadcast
  • A digital platform
  • Understanding our paddlers and prospecvtive paddlers and nurturing these relationships
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) a priority for our sport organisation

Solid and
strong communication

  • EDBF web site redesign and social media presence
  • More systematic relations with the media
  • Press releases
  • Promotional material for Universities and schools
  • EDBF institutional brochure