Hi, I am Claudio,


Sport has shaped me.

I’m the new President of the International Dragon Boat Federation and, until next elections in July the President of the European Dragon Boat Federation.

I’m also the president of my Club in Rome the the Canottieri EUR 1984 I’m the Founder and Honorary President of the Italian Dragon Boat Federation.

I was involved in dragonboating since 1988, as an Athlete first, then as a coach, as a team leader, as organizer of 2 World and 4 European Championships in Italy, as IDBF Race Official, as founder and President of the Italian DBF (1997/2017) and Past Senior Vice President of the International Dragon Boat Federation. 

I was a kayaker, 4 time Italian Champion and Member of the National Team, and I’m still involved in the paddle sport movement in Italy. I’m the President of the Sport for All Commission of the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation and I Chair the Ocean Racing and Va’a Commission. I’m the Founder and the President of my Club, the Canottieri Eur situated in the business district in Rome. 

My Experience has given me the vision to deliver a program for the the sport in the coming years.