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EDBF Milestones


How to practically increase the appeal of Dragonboating in a rapidly changing world

Reinforce the chinese traditions embracing change for a better future

  • Support the IOC recignition process
  • Support the new IDBF/ICF Joint agreement
  • European Dragon Boat calendar reform
  • Education, safety and youth development

Improve decentralisation and empowerment for​

  • National Federations
  • Executive committee
  • Council
  • EDBF Commissions

Better integrity
and trust

  • Ethical responsibility
  • Business integrity
  • Officials and race officials education

and responsible

  • Be social responsible
  • Testimonial to reduce enviromental impact
  • Financially transparent


  • A solid broadcast
  • A digital platform
  • Understanding our paddlers and prospecvtive paddlers and nurturing these relationships
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) a priority for our sport organisation

Solid and
strong communication

  • EDBF web site redesign and social media presence
  • More systematic relations with the media
  • Press releases
  • Promotional material for Universities and schools
  • EDBF institutional brochure 

EDBF Platform


Insight & Inspiration – By Claudio Schermi 

Dear EDBF Members, 

dear Friends of the European Dragon Boat Community of Europe, 

I have been elected EDBF President at the 28th Ordinary Congress, held in Divonne Les Bains on the 31st July 2017. After the handover I’m in charge since 1st January 2018. In the last few years many things have changed. As we enter a new era for our sport and our Members, there needs to be some changes in EDBF. As we evolve, we must maintain the Dragon Boat Chinese Traditions and ensure that the core values and founding principles of our sport remain intact. My experience as an athlete, coach and race official in Kayak and Dragon Boat as well as competing at National and International levels has given me the vision to deliver an exciting and appealing program for the coming years. Sport has shaped me – from my youth as a competitive athlete to this time as the EDBF President, former IDBF Senior Vice-President, former President of the Italian Dragon Boat Federation, Chairman of the Ravenna 2014 Organizing Committee for the IDBF CCWC and Rome 2016 Organizing Committee for the EDBF European Nations Championships. Until now, I can honestly say that, from my heart, my experiences in sport have been the foundation of everything I have achieved in life, and I continue to learn so much as I am constantly challenged to be innovative.

My Dragon Boat experience has given me the insight and wisdom to understand the aspirations for those in our sport; both the most active members and members with limited resources, who can count on me when it comes to protect and nurture our Dragon Boat family. Our Federation’s members are the bedrock of our sport. To reinforce our ambitions we must recognise that we have new challenges facing us and that we need to have real vision and fresh leadership in tackling those challenges.

To reinforce our ambitions we must recognise that we have new challenges facing us and that we need to have real vision and fresh leadership in tackling those challenges. My objectives as EDBF President are that we need to refresh our competitions, improve our sport’s presentation, reform our sporting calendar, embrace new media, and shape our own future within the EDBF and the European paddle sport community. We need to work together, to involve the Executive Committee and the Council in the day by day life of our organization.

The EDBF needs to be committed to the long term future of our sport, developing strategies in areas such as sustainable development, education, safety and youth development. My main goal is to grow DragonBoating in Europe and to make our sport able to generate increased revenue and thus opportunity for our paddlers, for our members, and for the organisation of our sport at every level. I would like to say that we are very lucky in EDBF. We always put the interests of the athletes first and at the heart of our discussions. Since I become EDBF President, everything I do has been founded on a creative partnership with you.

My project for the European Dragon Boat Federation is based on a PLATFORM for us all. I believe that by working together passionately with trust and friendship we will deliver more than what is expected. Together we can increase the success for our sport and to get sufficient revenue to run the European Dragon Boat Federation professionally and ethically.


This PLATFORM, based on six MILESTONES, approved by the EDBF Congress with my election in 2017, represents our vision and our guidelines to increase the appeal of Dragonboating in Europe. I am convinced that in realising this vision, in partnership with the EDBF Member Federations and with the support of the Executive Committee, of the Council and of the Race Officials, our sport will enter an exciting new era of growth that will encourage more young people becoming athletes, increase the potential audience for our sport.

Thank you for your support.
Claudio Schermi – EDBF President